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ChangeLog ========= ----------- oMail-admin - A PHP4 based qmail+vmailmgrd Web interface - (c) 2001 Olivier Mueller ----------- $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.76 2003/01/29 22:39:45 swix Exp $ $Source: /cvsroot/omail/admin2/ChangeLog,v $ 2003-01-29 Olivier Mueller * tcp_hosts_dir method now also compatible with virtualdomains-like files * func.php: tcp_host_dir method now ok also on single user login (login = mail address) 2003-01-15 Olivier Mueller * completely changed spamassassin support concept: not using the passwd.cdb database anymore (would require patching vmailmgr or a new version of vmailmgr, which didn't happened since 18 months). Now using an SQL database, the same as documented in and a patched qmail-scanner. Look at README.antispam for more details. 2002-02-09 Olivier Mueller * added support for SpamAssassin ( ) requires a patched qmail-scanner-1.10, and vmailmgr version 0.96.9. new configuration settings: $use_spamassassin and $spamassassin_default_status * removed splash_screen variable: screen will only be displayed if support mail address has not been changed since installation. 2001-11-17 Olivier Mueller * added translation for Lithuanian [tk] 2001-11-15 Olivier Mueller * updated help file [jw] 2001-11-12 Olivier Mueller * fixed bug 466528 (trailing space in fwd) * redesigned login screen a little bit * remove trailing blanks at several places just in case * replaced the input fields with a textfield to add new forwarders * from now, if you remove all forwarders of an account with mail_delivery=disabled a warning will be shown, telling that the account will ignore all incoming mails * added the $turn_off_delivery_on_fwd_setup configuration variable: if set to '1', the local delivery will be turned off by default when a user setup a forwarder to his account. It's then still possible to turn delivery on afterwards, but most people won't -> good for disk usage :) * release of version 0.98.1 2001-04-17 Olivier Mueller * added translation for Indonesian : thanks to Suryanto Rachmat! * added translation for Brazilian Portuguese : thanks to Zeus 2001-04-12 Olivier Mueller * improved catchall * new_account_forbidden splited to 2 variables: new_mailbox_forbidden and new_alias_forbidden * added settings in user mode : enables/disables delivery to local mailbox (but aliases, if any, will still continue to work). Beware: if an account is disabled, and there are no aliases defined, the mails will delivered to a black hole (aka lost). [suggested by jw] 2001-03-20 Olivier Mueller * updated help file : thanks to Jim! [jw] 2001-03-18 Olivier Mueller * quota bugfix: thanks to Martin Hetzner and Michael Bauer for pointing out the missiong strtolower problem. * ldap/bugfix patch set from Ray [ri] : > - Whenever you safe your auto response message a newline (\n) will be added > to the file causing the message to grow with one line every time you save > it. > - When saving the message body with the form it somehow gets send as a DOS > format text, with CRLF ending each line. Omail than puts a LF after each of > these lines. This will not show up in omail but qmail-autoresponder 0.93 > will doublespace each line in the autoreply send to the sender. > - When you choose to only show mailboxes starting with a certain letter only > those mailboxes will be shown in both pulldown boxes for the forwarders and > catchall selection. (strings.php not patched yet) 2001-03-06 Olivier Mueller * release of version 0.97.2 * updated the catchall-alias choice method : removed the [ delete ] button, and added the delete button to the popup window. * update of the english strings in strings.php [jw] * a few minor bugfixes 2001-03-03 Olivier Mueller * server name (if using vmailmgrd-tcp & mode = 2) is now also saved in a cookie * help & about screen are now opened in a new window * removed one of the html_header template (not needed anymore) * completely redesigned catchall-alias choice 2001-02-25 Olivier Mueller * official release of version 0.97 * updated danish translation [kg] * now display 3 random-chosen omail-admin users on admin screen, based on splash-screen feedback :) List is located in USERS. * added translation to Czech [ls] 2001-02-24 Olivier Mueller * released version 0.97 (preview) * added vmailmgrd-tcp support, with 3 different host selection methods : 1) an unique host, 2) a hosts listing, with selection on login screen, 3) transparent host selection based on domain name. * catchall action is now visible by default * documentation updates (line lenght), added an INSTALL.daemon file with some example setups * added a variable to vmailmgrquotas : new_account_forbidden, which will hide the "new mailbox" or "new alias" button. 2001-01-11 Olivier Mueller * bugfix to the show_mb_letter & page_nb problem [ri] 2001-01-10 Olivier Mueller * huge patch sent by Rey, to add basic ldap support. As it doesn't seem to break the rest (set ldap = 0 in the configuration), it comes in the main branch. All the LDAP changes and documentation is in the README.LDAP file. * userquota bugfix [ri] 2001-01-10 Olivier Mueller * re-released 0.96pre10 * fixed a little bug preventing username to be saved on new account creation (thx Clemens). 2001-01-09 Olivier Mueller * released version 0.96pre10 * applied patch from Peter, and corrected a few things: > I've attached a patch that does the following to omail-admin-0.96pre9: > * Adds the ability to display mailboxes and/or aliases starting with a > certain letter. > * Fixes strings.php to use ``<'' instead of ``<'' where appropriate. > * Alters the display_{mailboxes,aliases}{,_nolimit} templates to both use > the show by letter feature and to clean them up a little. :-) 2001-01-08 Olivier Mueller * added translation for swedish (tack Thomas!) 2000-12-12 Olivier Mueller * bugfix: user quotas fixes ("" = "-" != "0") * bugfix: new alias creation working correctely again 2000-11-30 Olivier Mueller * released version 0.96pre9 * added correct charset for japanese * index.php: bugfix for newuser/alias [hs] * htmlstuff.php: bugfix in html_head [hs] [om] * added correct charset for chinese * removed the forwarders from the menu screen (took to much space) * the "create accont" links are shown only if quota are not overridden * removed and added a few html_head() calls in index.php (should solve the Header() bug) * a few cosmetic changes (now looks ok in both NS and IE) 2000-11-29 Olivier Mueller * added translation for chinese (thx Ming) * added translation for japanese (thx Hideto) * little bugfix for quotas [hs] 2000-11-17 Olivier Mueller * released oMail-admin version 0.96pre8 * htmlstuff.php: Bugfix : user login is working again. Thx to Daniel for reporting the bug. * htmlstuff.php: Bugfix : catchall setup not displayed anymore on user login. * htmlstuff.php: Bugfix : on user login, don't display the select list of available users * Big patch sent by Rey [ri]: * func.php: added support for default soft quota, hard quota and message size when creating new users. changed behaviour of quotas. Sizes can now be specified in kB instead of Bytes. if a user specifies a blank or zero for quotas, the quotas will not be set to zero but to unlimited. * htmlstuff.php: changed behaviour of quotas. Sizes will be shown in kB instead of Bytes. changed pagers (prev, next, etc) to support language. * index.php: fixed a bug which prevented adding new aliases and users when quota is set but not reached. * strings.php: added Dutch language support. added txt_quota_account as it showed the text for editing when in the settings screen. corrected French and German text in txt_error_no_username. added arrays for pager functions. * added support for default soft quota, hard quota and message size when creating new users. * vmailmgrquotas: added support for default soft quota, hard quota and message size when creating new users. 2000-11-15 Olivier Mueller * updated it translation (thx NERvOus) 2000-11-13 Olivier Mueller * released oMail-admin version 0.96pre7 * "N accounts per screen" support added, with a new variable in the config file (turned off by default). * show a list of existing accounts when creating/editing an account (forwarders) * fixed some html and design issues * TODO before 0.96-final release: updates translations for the new features, and verify the hidden/system accounts stuff 2000-10-21 Olivier Mueller * released oMail-admi version 0.96pre5 * started preliminary support for showing N accounts per screen: You can try it by using this kind of url query-string: ?show_start=4&show_howmany=5 Still thinking about how it could be shown on the interface * fixed the $out.=fread($vmailsock, 65535); bug (thx Mike) * fixed sorting choice 2000-10-19 Olivier Mueller * translation to romanian (thx Harald!) 2000-10-18 Olivier Mueller * sorting account listing by account name or personal info * help page template (but still empty) 2000-10-17 Olivier Mueller * released oMail-admin version 0.96pre4 * strings.php: a few french fixes by Sebastien Guilbaud * bugfix: user login is working again * templates/quotaform.temp: select menu for account expiration time (menu quota) * addslashes fixes (thx David) 2000-10-15 Olivier Mueller * released oMail-admin version 0.96pre3 * Catchall account support ("+") : now working 100% * added catchall support to vmailmgrquotas (user allowed to edit/change the catchall account y/n) * if an account is deleted, and that the "+" alias was pointing on it, the "+" account will also automaticaly be removed. * templates: removed the "fwd3" column from mailbox listings (to give enough place for the catchall button) * config.php: support for hidding system accounts like root, postmaster, mailmaster, etc. If set, it will be impossible to see, edit, create and delete accounts with the definied names. There are system accounts (hidden) and read only accounts (visible, but read only). 2000-10-13 Olivier Mueller * templates/login.temp: language selection is now done using a to setup expiry date on quota edition (om, 16oct2k) [.] add help screen / buttons [ ] create a logo for the project [X] support for HTML templates (om, oct2k) [X] better support for the + alias (om, 15oct2k) [X] support for specific mail accounts limitation (root, abuse, mailer-daemon, postmaster, etc.) -> hide, read only, or read/write (om, 18oct2k) [ ] case of popup screens & session timeout : close popup on session timeout [X] display N accounts per page, better design (om, 13nov2k) [X] add a